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San Francisco Flower & Garden Show Highlights & Garden Tips: Part 2

April 8, 2010

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Now on to part 2 of the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show Highlights.  In case you missed it,  listen to Part 1 to hear even more garden and design tips to use in your garden.

Take a scroll through the photos while each expert talks about different aspects of the San Francisco Garden Show exhibits.  Push the big, round orange play button to listen.  It’s time to get inspired!

Smart Tips from a Garden Editor

Kathy Brenzel, garden editor of Sunset Magazine and Sunset’s Western Garden Book (a must-have for any gardener).  I’ve heard many people credit Kathy with changing the way we garden in the west.  Listen as Kathy points out some smart design tips, affordable DIY ideas and ways to reuse materials in your garden.

Garden Exhibits:  Re-Generation “The World Without Us” created by The Garden Route Company and Pulling Up Daisies created by Tyler Rinehart and Kat Lewis

Sunset Magazine’s Western Garden Living Winner

Listen as Kathy explains why Sunset Magazine chose this garden as their winner.  Smart tips include living walls,  attracting wildlife and re-purposing materials to add borders and textures in the landscape.

Garden Exhibit: The Papillon Pad created by Mariposa Gardening and Design and Thomas Pedemonte Fine Woodworking

Rethinking the California Lawn

Tyler Rinehart and Kat Lewis, recent graduates of Cal Poly’s landscape architecture program, joined forces to construct a living model of Tyler’s senior project at the garden show, called Pulling Up Daisies (see photos above).  What’s the big idea?  Pull up your thirsty turf and replace it with native California meadow grasses.  You may be thinking a wild and flowery meadow is not your style, but check out Cal Poly’s C. praegracili lawn (pictured here) when it’s mowed. Would you have known the difference?

Don’t Look, Jump in with Color!

Keeyla Meadows, a California-based garden designer, was trained as a sculpture artist.  Can you tell?  She definitely has a method to her color madness. Take a listen as she walks us through her “living” canvas.

Garden Exhibit: Habitat Dance with a Red Snake created by Keeyla Meadows.


San Francisco Flower & Garden Show Highlights & Garden Tips: Part 1

April 1, 2010

Have you ever been enchanted by a garden landscape but didn’t exactly know why?  Understanding basic design principles can help you make common plants come alive and create your own garden masterpieces from scratch.  With so many plants and materials to choose from, the possibilities are endless, not to mention overwhelming.  I traveled to San Francisco, this time as a lone podcast host, to find the answers to some common design dilemmas, discover emerging trends, and to soak up some vitamin D-rich California rays.

The San Francisco Flower & Garden Show is a fabulous springtime destination. Especially after a long, dreary winter hibernation involving garden planning, seed collecting, and homemade soups to warm the soul.  While my lovely Nest In Style co-host Teresa O’Connor was holding down her fort in Idaho, I spoke with a number of garden designers, magazine editors and garden geeks about their interpretation of the various garden exhibits and vendors at the show.  The Highlights Podcast Show is separated into a two-part series, to avoid bombarding your brain with too many “nuggets” at one time.  Part I features: Ivette Soler, Jenny Peterson, Sean Stout, Shirley Bovshow, Elayne Takemoto & Claire Woods of Annie’s Annuals (see Part II below).

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March Podcast: Starting from Seed, Heirlooms and Garden Design

March 16, 2010

Have questions about seed starting? Want to learn more about heirloom and hybrid seeds? Or, just eager to hear some great tips from a nationally recognized landscape designer?

If so, put your feet up and listen up. In this episode of Nest in Style, Teresa O’Connor and Jayme Jenkins turn to the experts to give you the dirt on these garden topics and more.

Nest in Style Guests

No time to listen to the whole podcast? We won’t take it personally.  Click on the orange buttons below to listen to our individual interviews with Nest In Style guests:  Nan Sterman, Christine McLaughlin and Rebecca Sweet.

Nan Sterman provides expert tips to Jayme for starting plants from seeds. A leading authority on growing organic produce, Nan authored California Gardener’s Guide and currently writes for Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Sunset Magazine and Pacific Horticulture.  Follow Nan on Twitter @NanGrowsGardens or check out her website Plant Soup.

Christine McLaughlin sheds light on heirloom and hybrid seeds with Teresa. Listen to fun histories about several heirlooms, and learn why heirlooms are so important for protecting our food heritage. Christine authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Composting (Alpha/Penguin; May 2010) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Heirloom Vegetables (Alpha/Penguin; December 2010).  Find her on Twitter @Suburban_Farmer or at her blog A Suburban Farmer.

Rebecca Sweet shares expert garden design secrets with Teresa from her San Francisco-area landscape design company, Harmony in the Garden. Those lucky enough to attend the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2010 Tweetup will see Rebecca’s lovely garden for themselves. Or, perhaps you have already seen her garden or her clients’ landscapes on the pages of Fine Gardening Magazine. Find Rebecca on Twitter @SweetRebecca or at her blog Gossip in the Garden.

Other Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

Highlights from the 2010 Northwest Flower & Garden Show

March 10, 2010

A Living Chair & Pillow

You know how I know it’s spring?  Awe-inspiring garden shows hit the calendar and warmer weather competes for my time in the office.  Yes, a month has gone by since the Northwest Flower & Garden Show, but the ideas are still fresh and ready to use in your own garden.  Better late than never, right?!  I had a chance to talk with fellow garden writers Theresa Loe, associate producer of the upcoming PBS series Growing a Greener World, and Christina Salwitz, a Seattle based Personal Garden Coach; as well as other garden show vendors about tips people can implement on their own. As you listen to each mini podcast, scroll through the pictures to get an idea of what each person is describing. Enjoy!

Creating a Living Wall with Strawberries

The display garden, There’s No Place Like Home, co-designed by Zsofia Pastor of Innovative Landscape Technologies, was themed around The Wizard of Oz.  However, what really caught my eye were the strawberry living walls. Zsofia discusses the smart use of strawberries, another other edibles, for living walls in home gardens.
Strawberry Wall

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February Podcast: Part II of Gardening World and Social Media

February 12, 2010

How is the traditional gardening media using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to reach more gardeners? In Part Two of “The Gardening World and Social Media,” Nest in Style moves beyond book publishing and garden shows to gardening magazines and television shows. Part One.

Listen to Steve Aitken, editor of Fine Gardening Magazine, explain how social media is allowing their editors to interact with gardeners nationwide for real-time feedback, among other things.  Hear Joe Lamp’l and Theresa Loe of the upcoming PBS series, “Growing A Greener World.” They describe how social media is providing new ways to reach viewers and deliver content that extends far beyond the actual television program.

To get started, click the orange button on the audio bar to listen. Be patient, takes a couple seconds to load the audio.  Don’t forget: your comments, questions and topics are always welcome (email us at NestInStyle @ Thanks for all the input so far.

And, as always, there’s seasonal folklore from Teresa O’Connor (aka Seasonal Wisdom).  This time, we look at Valentine’s Day and ponder whether this day really is connected with some little-known saints.  Jayme shares a simple Valentine’s Day themed appetizer that’s sure to keep vampires at bay.

Listen to the Interviews

No time to listen to the whole podcast? We won’t take it personally.  Click on the orange buttons below to listen to Jayme Jenkins’s interviews with Steve Aitken and Joe Lamp’l.

Steve Aitken by NestInStyle
Joe Lamp’l and Theresa Loe by NestInStyle

Resources Mentioned

Submit Your Garden Questions to the Experts

February 3, 2010

Garden Shows are a great way to meet national garden experts and your favorite book authors. I will have a chance to interview the following 5 garden experts at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle for Nest In Style’s upcoming podcasts. Each expert has their own garden focus, so here’s your chance to get your questions answered without having to leave the comfort of your computer chair.

Submit your questions to me, Jayme Jenkins, by Thursday evening, February 4. Yes, that’s tomorrow night!

Nan Sterman will be one of our special guests for our Starting from Seed Podcast later this February. Nan is one of California’s leading authorities on: low water gardens, growing organic fruits, vegetables and fruit, and No-Lawn gardens. She is the author of California Gardener’s Guide and currently writes for Los Angeles Times, San Diego Union Tribune, Sunset Magazine and Pacific Horticulture. I first met Nan at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show last March, where she presented on plant propagation. My handout was littered with useful tips by the end of her talk.  No worries, Nan’s expertise stretches way beyond California’s borders.  Nan’s NW Flower & Garden Show Speaking Schedule.
Joe Lamp’l, you know him, the guy in the orange shirt who wrote the book, Green Gardener’s Guide, and TV host of the upcoming PBS series Growing a Greener World. As an extension of our Social Media & Garden Expert interviews from January, I’ll be talking with Joe about the influence of 2010’s garden trends and social media on garden TV shows.  Catch the inside scoop and the behind-the-scenes action on the show’s Facebook Fan Page Growing a Greener World. Joe’s NW Flower & Garden Show Speaking Schedule.
Steve Aitken. What gardener hasn’t picked up a copy of Fine Gardening Magazine? I’ll be catching up with Steve Aitken, THE editor of Fine Gardening, at the NW Flower & Garden Show to discuss how garden “trends” and social media has influenced what we read either on the web or in magazines. Steve’s writing on reflects his dry sense of humor personality, from The Hard Truths of Gardening, to Green Roof Plants, to The Worst Plant Tag Ever. Besides being a funny guy to talk to, he’s pretty knowledgeable about garden stuff, but please hold the questions about houseplants, he openly admits to killing them.
Debra Lee Baldwin. If you love succulents as much as I do and spend an ounce of time on the Internet, then you’ve heard about Debra Lee Baldwin’s new book Succulent Container Gardens.  After a few short weeks, her book is currently #5 on Amazon’s list of the top 10 bestselling gardening books.  I will be interviewing Debra about succulents, obviously, for our May podcast about Saving Water in the Garden.  Yes, it’s a long ways off, but I couldn’t miss an opportunity to interview Debra in person and shower her with praise and admiration.  Debra’s NW Flower & Garden Show Speaking Schedule.
Christina Salwitz. What is a Garden Coach? Where did the term come from? What’s the difference between a “coach” and landscape designer?  Christina Salwitz, of Personal Garden Coach based in Renton, Washington, will be answering those questions and more during our interview at the NW Flower & Garden Show.  Teresa and I plan to air Christina’s segment during Nest In Style’s March podcast, so stay tuned. For now, look for Christina on Twitter @Arcadia1 or on her Personal Garden Coach blog.

January Podcast: 2010 Garden Trends; Gardening World & Social Media

January 29, 2010

Spring is right around the corner. In fact, spring will be here sooner than you think … according to the old traditional calendars. This episode reveals strange facts about the start of spring and weather predictions – and provides ideas for your garden this year.

Hear about hot 2010 garden trends released by Suzi McCoy of Garden Media Group/IMPACT Marketing & PR, as well as Jenny Peterson of J Peterson Garden Design, an Austin-based landscape designer.

To get started, click the orange button on the audio bar to listen. Be patient, takes a couple seconds to load the audio.  Don’t forget: your comments, questions and topics are always welcome (email us at NestInStyle @ Thanks for all the input so far.
January Podcast by NestInStyle

Plus, we kick off a two-part look at social media gardening trends with some of the hottest names in garden books, television, magazines and garden shows, all talking about what to expect in 2010.

In Part One of “The Gardening World and Social Media:”

Don’t miss our interview with Jean Ann Van Krevelen of Cool Springs Press. She’s the first social media director in the garden book publishing world. Hear how Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms are effecting garden books, and why that’s not a bad thing.

Nest in Style also talks with Laura Schaub of the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. She tells listeners how garden shows have become leading sources of horticultural seminars, gardening ideas and exciting new products. And she gives the “inside scoop” on what to expect at the San Mateo Event Center, March 24-28, 2010.

Listen to the Interviews

Short on time?  Click on the orange buttons below to listen to Teresa O’Connor’s interviews with Jean Ann Van Krevelen and Laura Schaub.
Jean Ann Van Krevelen by NestInStyle

Laura Schaub by NestInStyle

Resources Mentioned

Start of Spring – Select Sources

More on Equinox: The Spring Equinox occurs each year around March 21. (As Teresa meant to say, of course. Not May 21.) In 2010, the equinox occurs March 20 at 1:32 p.m. EDT. Here’s more information.