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May Podcast: Growing Tomatoes & Interview with Susan Cohan

May 17, 2010

May is here, and the sun has finally decided to stick around to nurture our gardens and warm the soil.  In this podcast,  I announce very exciting news. Then Teresa and I discuss growing tomatoes, or “tomatahs,” as Teresa would say in her sultry voice.  You’ll find lots of good tips about tomatoes, including resources below.  Last, but certainly not least, listen to my interview with award winning landscape designer Susan Cohan.

Push the big, round orange play button to hear more about growing tomatoes and Jayme’s interview with Susan Cohan.

Nest In Style Guest

Susan CohanSusan Cohan, a New Jersey based landscape designer, is our special guest for this podcast episode.  After a successful run as a fashion designer, Susan decided to merge her designer knowledge and a life-long passion for gardening to become an award-winning landscape designer.  Among her many talents, attention to detail, sustainable practices and fine craftsmanship are just a few hallmarks of her work.  In her own garden, Susan fashions her landscape with completely recycled, found or re-purposed mementos.  My kind of lady!

Follow Susan on Twitter: @SusanCohan or check out her website Susan Cohan Gardens.

Other Resources

What’s Coming: Stay tuned as co-host Jayme Jenkins talks with Christina Salwitz, a Seattle-based gardening coach, about how garden coaches are the perfect match for do-it-yourselfers.  Meanwhile, have fun and go grow something!

Do you think using Red Plastic Mulch for growing warm season crops, like tomatoes, is worth the effort? Leave a comment.  We’d love to hear from you!


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