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San Francisco Flower & Garden Show Highlights & Garden Tips: Part 2

April 8, 2010

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Now on to part 2 of the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show Highlights.  In case you missed it,  listen to Part 1 to hear even more garden and design tips to use in your garden.

Take a scroll through the photos while each expert talks about different aspects of the San Francisco Garden Show exhibits.  Push the big, round orange play button to listen.  It’s time to get inspired!

Smart Tips from a Garden Editor

Kathy Brenzel, garden editor of Sunset Magazine and Sunset’s Western Garden Book (a must-have for any gardener).  I’ve heard many people credit Kathy with changing the way we garden in the west.  Listen as Kathy points out some smart design tips, affordable DIY ideas and ways to reuse materials in your garden.

Garden Exhibits:  Re-Generation “The World Without Us” created by The Garden Route Company and Pulling Up Daisies created by Tyler Rinehart and Kat Lewis

Sunset Magazine’s Western Garden Living Winner

Listen as Kathy explains why Sunset Magazine chose this garden as their winner.  Smart tips include living walls,  attracting wildlife and re-purposing materials to add borders and textures in the landscape.

Garden Exhibit: The Papillon Pad created by Mariposa Gardening and Design and Thomas Pedemonte Fine Woodworking

Rethinking the California Lawn

Tyler Rinehart and Kat Lewis, recent graduates of Cal Poly’s landscape architecture program, joined forces to construct a living model of Tyler’s senior project at the garden show, called Pulling Up Daisies (see photos above).  What’s the big idea?  Pull up your thirsty turf and replace it with native California meadow grasses.  You may be thinking a wild and flowery meadow is not your style, but check out Cal Poly’s C. praegracili lawn (pictured here) when it’s mowed. Would you have known the difference?

Don’t Look, Jump in with Color!

Keeyla Meadows, a California-based garden designer, was trained as a sculpture artist.  Can you tell?  She definitely has a method to her color madness. Take a listen as she walks us through her “living” canvas.

Garden Exhibit: Habitat Dance with a Red Snake created by Keeyla Meadows.

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