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Stylish Bird Feeders and Houses that Don’t Break the Bank

June 27, 2009

Folding Bird House

This contemporary bird feeder, a MoMA Store exclusive, may seem a little pricey to some of you, but think about the dual functionality: invite wildlife into your garden while doubling as an attractive focal point for your backyard, balcony or patio.

MoMA Store $50.00 regular, $45.00 members

Popoutz Seed Feeder

Popoutz Seed Feeders and Peanut Feeders are available in many fun colors and 100% recyclable. At $2.95 each, you can afford to by one of each color and hang them up all over the back yard to attract different types of birds.

aHa! Modern Living $2.95 each

Audubon Soda Bottle Bird Feeder

Designer Norman Earl has turned an ordinary two litter bottle into a stylish, economical, squirl proof bird feeder.  You can hang the bird feeder from a tree or attach to a fence post. $12.oo on sale, 15.00 regular

Buri Bird Feeders

Add drops of color to your landscape, patio or balcony with the Buri Collection Bird Feeders.  Hang them from trees, pergolas, arbors or eaves.  Just be sure to keep them far enough away from windows to avoid head on collisions.

Smith & Hawken $34.00 bird feeders (turquoise, green), $39.00 birdhouse

cardboard birdhouse

The whole family will enjoy decorating their own custom cardboard birdhouses with paint, color markers, glitter; the possibilities are endless.  Affordability is definitely a plus, but cardboard in rainy climates?  I think not.

The Gardener $5.00

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3 Comments leave one →
  1. February 27, 2010 8:34 pm

    wow cool feeders! I like the two liter bottle feeder, it’s great to see trash turned into treasure!

  2. October 13, 2010 6:52 am

    man these feeders look great to be homemade, I think this is a great article, gives people cheaper options to watching birds. thanks!

  3. December 22, 2011 9:40 am

    The first model will fit well in our balcony. I love white and the design really looks amazing 🙂

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