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Book Review: How to Master Organic Gardening

May 13, 2009

Organic_gardeningThis e-book, How to Master Organic Gardening, written by Katie Elzer-Peters and Chris Molnar, is an excellent read.  I will have to admit this is my first e-book endeavor, and lucky for me, it was this one.  When someone hears the term “organic gardening,” visions of complex processes may come to mind with efforts that pale in comparison to “modern gardening.”  How to Master Organic Gardening  should  convince us that organic gardening makes things easier and healthier.   The e-book encompasses all types of gardening including edibles, ornamentals and lawn care.  The e-book not only explains general gardening techniques but ties it back to organic methods that will maintain a natural balance benefiting your overall landscape.

With only 102 pages, simplicity is a main theme throughout the e-book.  The author took on a variety of complex gardening issues, such as pests, disease control, plant life-cycles and how to build an inter-connected habitat that compliments the organic garden.   These sound like complicated topics don’t they?  Not in this publication.  The author does a fantastic job of narrowing down the broad topics to the very basics.  For each problem or process there is an organic solution that is not intimidating nor complex.

Let’s face it, “synthetic gardening” is mainly used as a short cut for desired results.  Sure we can increase our yield “faster” or turn our lawns greener  but the long-term payoff  is dead soil, poisonous residues and a lifeless landscape.  Of course over the years we’ve learned that a natural  balance has to be maintained.  This e-book tells us that it all starts with the soil, and by using organic methods, we can return back to a  balance and achieve stellar results.

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  1. May 15, 2009 8:10 am

    Thanks Margaret, the theme we wrote is to make things as simple as possible, while still teaching the fundamental concepts.. Whenever I talk to somebody about “going organic,” they are always under the impression that it’s some complicated, 24-hour a day method where I have to constantly battle weeds and pests. It’s the exact opposite! Once your soil is built up and healthy (which, I admit, can take a few seasons, so you have to be patient), you will then be maintaining it LESS and with barely any money.

    Hopefully this book will help others realize how easy it is.

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