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Succulents Make Simple Tabletop Displays

March 10, 2009

photos by mikewade

photos by mikewade

Succulents add a unique, yet simple, design to any room.  You can create dramatic living sculptures with their myriad of shapes and colors, or pot them as single specimens in colorful containers.  Best of all they are very simple to care for.  All you need to consider is an area with bright sunlight and a good drainage.

What do you need for this garden?

  • Hand trowel
  • Watering can
  • Gravel, small rocks or broken up ceramic
  • Potting mix

What next?

  1. Choose a container that makes a statement.  Do you want a design that attracts attention?  Or one that is low key or exudes luxury?  Fill the bottom of the container with a layer of gravel then fill the rest with potting soil.
  2. Arrange the succulents in an attractive design.  Depending on the succulents chosen, you can arrange them from tall in the center to shorter towards the outside.  Or you can use a minimal amount of succulents and fill in the rest with decorative rock.
  3. Succulents need direct sunlight everyday so find an appropriate area.  Be careful during the summer because you can burn the leaves.
  4. Water when the soil is dry, and I do mean dry.  Succulents have a dormant season and the soil can almost completely dry out.  During the dormant season, watering should only occur once every month.

I burnt the living heck out of my Jade and Aloe one year because I had a great location, but during the summer, the window acted like a laser beam.  I just moved them back about 12 inches and they eventually recovered.

In my experience, I barely water any indoor plant.  I let them tell me.  If they look a little droopy or dry I water.  You can get some fantastic succulent blooms by giving them lots of sun and minimal water.  I had an Aloe Vera indoor plant potted in a quarter barrel that was about 24 to 36 inches tip to tip.  I barely watered it, barely fed it, but it was in the full blaring sun (yes,  this was the one I burned).  It had a beautiful, wild Arizona type bloom.  Not once but twice.  I was told the plant would die after the first bloom, but it bloomed again about 2 years later, then exploded with babies.  I had so many little shoots, I started giving them away as gifts.  This was all in a window in Eugene, Oregon.

Summing it up!

Succulents are easy to care for so they make a perfect indoor plant choice.  A small garden that fits on a table top sparks interest to your decor and can bring out your creativity.  You can make a modern statement with the right plant and right pot.

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