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International Inspiration for Modern Plant Decor: Part Deux

March 5, 2009

photos by Monrovia and

photos by Monrovia and

As I was saying in my last entry, you can add distinct character to your home by picking interesting and modern containers.  You can match the plant design with your personality or step out of your usual self and get a little wild, or a little subdued.  Whichever direction you choose, ask yourself  “where in the world do you want to go today?”


Thankfully we’ve moved away from the black, red and gold colors to define Asian decor.  Don’t get me wrong, those colors can still fit in somewhere, just not here.   There’s an emergence of bright greens (i.e. bamboo leaves)  and earthy colors with different shades of black and white.  In addition, someone finally discovered bamboo for more than just a plant.  We’ve learned that bamboo can add natural textures to your design, and best of all, bamboo is extremely earth friendly and should be considered for any part of  your decor.

Many pots are now made from bamboo and can add soft earth tones to your home.  Keep it simple.  Add grasses or miniature bamboos with pebbles or sand to create a calming, zen-like feel to any space.


Giving your living space a European Flair is easy to do but the hard part is deciding what region to express.  The European look can include a Mediterranean look that has bright pinks and dark purples against different hues of white, or if you go another direction, you can end up in the more modern European design with crisp lines and colors.  The stark German design that is mixed with steel and dark colors come to mind.  Of course the overdone and over shopped IKEA is a European style that can be followed.  Pair a white planter with dark greenery or succulents and you have a very modern European style.

What else would you add?  Do you have any cool pics of your potted plant?

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