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Flower Arrangments: The Predictable Gift this Valentine’s Day

January 28, 2009

photo by Aussiegall

photo by Aussiegall

Are you looking for new gift ideas this year for Valentine’s Day? If losing weight consistently tops the list of New Year’s Resolutions for millions of Americans, then why do so many of us continue to give our loved ones calorie-filled boxes of chocolate to show them we care? Not to mention all the flowers that are grown just to be cut and left to die a week later.  Granted, flowers are the way to a woman’s heart, but what about the flowers she can grow herself?  Better yet, something she can grow herself and use in the kitchen, like herbs.  They say the way to a man’s heart is his stomach.  Culinary gifts from the garden can satisfy both sexes, in more ways than one, this Valentine’s Day.  Now that’s a gift that gives back.

Men Like Flowers Too

Who can think of Valentine’s Day without thinking of a dozen red roses?  Statistics will tell you that women prefer pinks and yellows, but men, who are the primary buyers, prefer red.  Flower arrangements can come as a single bud in an elegant vase or a showy design costing hundreds of dollars.  I personally think a cool vase that can be used over and over again is money well spent, rather than wasting your money on flowers that will inevitably die.  Consider the color of rose you are giving someone.  They do have different meanings ya know.  Just remember, how you take care of your cut flowers will determine how long they will last.  I know what you’re thinking, women aren’t the only ones who like to receive flowers or cook with the herbs from their own kitchen garden.  Surprisingly, many men enjoy receiving flowers just as much as women.

Coming up: Where Does Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet Really Come From?

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day flower?

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