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Feed Your Backyard Birds in Style

December 29, 2007

Modern Birdball Feeder

Modern Birdball Feeder

Keep your fluttering friends happy all winter long with this cool bird feeder from aHa! Modern Living. The mouth blown glass is strong enough to take a beating from the elements. Just pour in your favorite seed mix and hang wherever you wish. My favorite nature lookout is from the kitchen window. Washing your dirty dishes has never been more enjoyable.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Feathered Friends Happy:

  1. Mount feeders high but within reach for easy filling.
  2. Fill feeders with only one type of seed mix. If you want variety, buy multiple feeders.
  3. Keep your feeders clean!

For more helpful tips on choosing the right feeders, visit Suburban Habitat.

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  1. Margaret.Roger permalink
    January 6, 2008 11:53 pm

    I like this bird feeder-very attractive looking. There are a lot of native birds in my garden. This will attract them to come closer to the house.


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